John Lilly

Live on Red Barn Radio

Live on Red Barn Radio presents John Lilly as the engaging and personable entertainer audiences have come to love over the years. Spot-on solo performances, accompanied by his own stellar guitar and mandolin work, are highlighted by lively spoken introductions and interview segments. This 60-minute program includes many of John's most-requested numbers, such as "Good News/Bad News," "Broken Moon," "Roadkill," "Spirit (Bend Close to Me)," "Blue Boy," "A Little Yodel Goes a Long Way," and others, along with two soon-to-be classics never before recorded: "This Old Knife" and "Tore Up from the Floor Up," which is presented here in its debut public performance. The set features John's trademark sense of humor, some poignant moments, and, of course, a little yodel.

Red Barn Radio is recorded and produced in Lexington, KY, and plays host to master old-time and bluegrass musicians from Kentucky and neighboring states. Through weekly conversation and performance with accomplished and authentic practitioners of Mountain Music, Red Barn Radio programming enlivens and archives a tradition grossly underrepresented on mainstream radio. Red Barn Radio is hosted by Brad Becker; the voice of Red Barn Radio is Tom Brown. The show is produced and directed by Ed Commons. This edition of Red Barn Radio was made possible with the financial support of Keeneland and LexArts.

John Lilly: Live on Red Barn Radio is a must-have for fans of John Lilly who wish to take home a souvenir of his memorable live show, and an excellent introduction to the music, repertoire and personality of this unique American performer.

This title is now out of print and unavailable for purchase.

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  1. Intro
  2. Good News/Bad News
  3. Broken Moon
  4. No Hard Times
  5. This Old Knife
  6. Groundhog
  7. A Little Yodel Goes a Long Way
  8. Johnny Don't Get Drunk
  9. Intro (Roadkill)
  10. Roadkill
  11. Spirit (Bend Close to Me)
  12. Bohemian Boys
  13. Gasoline Alley
  14. Tore Up from the Floor Up
  15. Blue Boy
  16. Last Chance to Dance

Reviews for Live on Red Barn Radio

John Lilly is the feel-good version of Hank Williams or Jimmy Rodgers. His songs are about everything and nothing, and I keep on spinning his earlier albums. That’s why I was happy with Lilly’s new album, even though there are a lot of well-known songs on it. “Live on Red Barn Radio” was recorded live in front of an audience, and introductory comments and short interviews with Lilly have also been included on the CD – and that just heightens the atmosphere. You almost have the feeling that you are sitting in an intimate studio while Lilly is singing his songs for you. And these songs are magnificent. Lilly plays and sings according to the old tradition, and his songs often sound as if they are already a century old; at the same time, he can get a fresh and new sound with genuinely old songs, and a contemporary number like “Gasoline Alley” seems to fit in perfectly.

“Live on Red Barn Radio” lasts more than an hour, and I’m inclined to select and listen to a lot of fragments, but then you have everything out of context. But why not! What I’m not covering here is how witty he is between the songs, or how well he plays the mandolin, or how infectiously he can yodel without having it become irritating. But on this CD you’ll get to hear bits from a song he wrote about his pocket knife (!), a romantic song (“Broken Moon”, which is deservedly in the top 100 of the best country songs), an ironic song, and a hilarious song (“Road Kill”). Comfort music in the best sense – without becoming too silly. A splendid album.

Moors Magazine

John Lilly – Live On Red Barn Radio (Independent)

John Lilly has been a stalwart of the old-time roots / country scene for a while, and on his latest release, recorded in front of a live audience on Kentucky's Red Barn Radio Show, he revisits some of his old songs, road tests a couple of new ones, and chucks in a couple of fun covers. As you'd expect from a radio recording, the sound quality is pristine, and if you close your eyes, turn it up just loud enough, you're in the room with him. It's not a bad place to be. Lilly's presentation is warm and involving, and as long as you're not scared of a little yodeling, you'll enjoy yourself. Head over to Lilly's MySpace page for a taste of what to expect, and if you like what you hear, CD Baby are carrying stock (as I type).
Rob F. at Leicester Bangs

"... Lilly is in fine form, with great songs, old and new..." - John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, February 2010.

John Lilly Live On Red Barn Radio – No Depression

One hour of uncomplicated pleasure from John Lilly, a consummate musician who seems way too nice to be in show business. There's no edge, no inflated ego, just a finely honed skill as musician, performer and writer. Listening to him on this disc, or seeing him on stage, is like seeing your favourite uncle good-humouredly take off his working jacket, pick up his guitar and play a few well-loved songs to while away the evening. There's a generosity of spirit in his performance and a really deep love for the music he plays...

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