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"Just Us Lilly's debut is my favorite record this year. Solid Appalachian country folk sing generational harmonies like the reeds on an old squeezebox. The production is perfect; it adds clarity while amplifying the rustic nature of the songs. I can't wait to walk the floor with my sweetheart in some quaint dance hall to them. Made for the juke box, song circle, and road trip."

T-Claw Crawford, Music & Dance Events Coordinator
John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, North Carolina

"Start with great songs, add tightly crafted family harmonies, creative instrumentation and impressive production, you end up with something special. I highly recommend this album."

Ron Sowell, Music Director
Mountain Stage Radio Show

Family harmony is among the sweetest sounds this side of heaven, and Just Us Lillys are happy to take you there. Dad John Lilly, a respected and award-winning songwriter and performer, is proud to introduce his two adult children, Mason and Georgia. Known collectively as Just Us Lillys, this exciting new trio are best known for their ringing three-part vocal blend, crisp original songs, and lively Appalachian old-time instrumentals.

Originally calling themselves "The Lillys," the trio discovered that a guy in Virginia had been using that name for 30 years. So now they are known as Just Us Lillys.

The trio won a national talent search in 2020 and earned an opportunity to record their debut CD at Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, MA. After raising more than $14,000 through an ambitious crowd-funding campaign, they were delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In August 2021, they drove to Boston and laid down tracks for 10 songs. Now recorded, mixed and mastered, it is slated for release in early 2023


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