John Lilly

Haunted Honky Tonk

Haunted Honky Tonk #1 for October 2007 on the FAR radio chart and #1 for November 2007 on the Euro Americana radio chart!

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1.  Haunted Honky Tonk 3:32
2.  Who Broke the DJ's Heart? 2:49
3.  I'm Paying Now 3:29
4.  Whippin' that Old T.B. 3:05
5.  Pave My Grave 2:51
6.  Bohemian Boys 4:53
7.  The Drifting Tune 2:01
8.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong 2:39
9.  I Can't Escape from You 3:17
10. Groundhog 2:50
11. Prisoner's Birthday 2:58
12. Roadkill 2:52
13. Friday, Sunday's Coming 2:56
14. In Time 3:35

Just a few of the Rave Reviews for Haunted Honky Tonk:

For some time now, we here have had a weakness for the comfort music of John Lilly. I think the term “comfort music” needs a bit of an explanation. Comfort in this case means something different from snug. Good comfort music is pleasant without being silly and cozy without becoming trivial. We also call it feel-good music. It’s music which sounds warm, sympathetic, and gentle.

John Lilly sings in an old-fashioned-sounding manner and does it very well. This means that he sings in a supple way and with ease and that he is supply accompanied, in a way which makes you almost forget that the music is really well put together. We’re talking about blue-grass, country, folk – the kind of music where Lilly doesn’t even shy away from yodeling. In his case, this results above all in a broad smile. He sounds traditional in the American tradition, but Lilly has his own generous sound.

Remarkable in this connection is the fact that Lilly wrote ten of the fourteen numbers himself and that he regularly does the accompaniment on his own guitar. We kept on taking his last album off the shelf and playing it, and this will surely happen with this album as well. You really get attached to this music.
Moors Magazine

One of the contributing pleasures to a love of Americana is its sense of history, as if the phantoms of a forgotten age are seeping out through the music. Thus, the title of this album possesses a knowing romanticism and it’s pleasing to discover that the music contained within does it justice... Read the full review.
— Kai Roberts,, December 2007

If you are not familiar with John Lilly, then perhaps it is time to give him a listen... His artistic talents are on display with his latest CD titled Haunted Honky Tonk. This 14-song CD includes 10 brilliantly written songs by Lilly. These songs, and Lilly’s traditional approach, are what is missing in country music today. You can feel the passion in Lilly’s voice as he plays his acoustic guitar... This is a fun country CD, provided by someone who understands what country music is all about. Lilly delivers in every possible way, keeping alive the dream that country music still lives. Read the full review
— Don Zelazny, Americana Roots, December 2007

"Hats off to John Lilly for a nigh-on perfect record; for a man with one of the most unassuming stage presences in planet showbiz he is the most astonishingly assured performer. In thrall to Jimmy Rodgers and Hank Williams, and a past winner of the Ghost Writers in The Sky in the style of Hank Williams song writing competition, this album is in fact packed with John Lilly originals that are just wonderful...."
— John Davey, Netrhythms, November 2007