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April in Your Eyes CD

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The first printing of this CD will be a limited run of 300 copies. Each one will be shipped, by hand, from John Lilly himself. Artwork by Lisa Elmaleh and Jackson Emmer. Includes digital pre-order of April In Your Eyes - A Tribute to the Songs of John Lilly. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.

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You can find Song Samples from John's CDs on the Reviews & Songs page for each CD.
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Cold Comfort CD
Cold Comfort
Red Barn CD
Live on Red Barn Radio
Haunted Honky Tonk CD
Haunted Honky Tonk
Blue Highway CD
Blue Highway
Last Chance to Dance CD
Last Chance to Dance
Broken Moon CD
Broken Moon
Blue Highway CD
State Songs
Last Chance to Dance CD
Rough and Ready Heart

Bittersweet Road
Bittersweet Road



Interviews, Shows & Podcasts

John Lilly – Interview and Music on Taproot Radio
TPR#71 - January 16, 2012
Read the article and Listen to the audio


John Lilly on Mountain Stage on NPR, National Public Radio:
"On October 21, 2011, a special road show recorded in partnership with the
Birthplace of Country Music Alliance in Bristol, Tenn./Va."


Mountain Lakes Amphitheater in Flatwoods, West Virginia
Saturday, June
26, 2010
Listen to the Podcast


West Virginia: Words and Music
featuring "Jackpot" by John Lilly

Read the Article and Listen to the Podcast on WV Public Broadcasting


Excerpt from Show #22 - Aired March 8th 2009
John Lilly (mp3 file, 64kpbs, stereo 26:45)


Listen to John's Mountain Stage set on NPR, National Public Radio:
"Lilly begins the set solo, vintage acoustic guitar in hand, before joining the Mountain Stage house band for a couple of tunes from his latest album, Haunted Honky Tonk. "


Americana Crossroads Live, recorded May 30, 2008, by Morehead State Public Radio in Morehead, KY. On the same show are Diana Jones and Doug & Telisha Williams.


Interesting Segment on NPR's Weekend Edition on Yodelling & Featuring John Lilly